Monday, July 29, 2013

Anthony Weiner's Political Res-erection

The political res-erection of Anthony Weiner has hit a few snags.  His poll numbers are dropping faster than he drops his pants for pictures and his campaign manager has resigned.  Bill and Hillary Clinton have even issued a statement that they do not approve of his behavior.  If Bill Clinton speaks out against bad sexual behavior, you know it is bad.

Weiner has given us nothing but comic relief over the past couple of weeks.  He doesn't seem to have a platform for his campaign... only bad name recognition.  His supporters are jumping ship faster than he can sext them, asking for their continued support.  Soon he will have to face the truth; his campaign for Mayor of New York City is not going to succeed, but he may stay in the race anyway.  I truly believe he, in his own sick way, enjoys the attention he is getting over the sexting scandal.

His wife, standing by her man, says she still supports him, believes in him and loves him.  If she loves him she needs to give him some tough love.  She needs to "just say no" to supporting his bid for a return to politics.  She may be the only one who can convince him to withdraw from the election and work on his marriage and his sexual misconduct issues, in therapy.  She is an intelligent woman. There is no way she believes he has the mental stability to be mayor of any city. She wants to believe he is stable, but that comes from denial of what she knows about him.

We know his sexting continued for at least a year after he resigned from congress.  He admits that, because he cannot deny it.  There is evidence that makes such denial impossible.  His wife knew he was sexting before he resigned.  She may have only found out about it when the rest of America found out about it.  However, when did she find out the sexting continued for at least a year after his resignation?  More importantly, how does she know he is not sexting today?  The truth is... she does not know

I have not heard anyone in the press ask if Weiner has sexted within the past day, week or month.  Would he answer the question honestly?  Probably not, but would his wife answer it honestly, if she knows about it.  Voters have to be wondering if he is still continuing the behavior that got forced his resignation from congress.  Huma Abedin has to be wondering too.

Weiner says his problems are behind him now.  Actually, his problem is hanging in front of him, where it has been all along.  He is addicted to showing off his penis. 

Anthony Weiner needs to forget politics and seek therapy.  He has lost the public trust and it is likely he will never regain that trust.  He needs to forget regaining the public trust and work on being truthful with himself and his family. 

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