Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chris Cuomo - Was Another Hit Piece For You Worth Kenneth Bae's Life?

 One man (Chris Cuomo) puts on make up every morning, makes sure his hair looks perfect, makes sure the camera angle gets his best side (left side please), sits between two female co-hosts who get paid to slobber all over him, does hit pieces, goes out for a steak dinner, adjusts his sleep number bed to a comfortable level and gets a good night's sleep.

Another man (Kenneth Bae) isn't worried about make up, probably isn't even allowed to comb his hair, sits in front of a camera after being tortured into the words he speaks, doesn't really have a best side of the camera anymore. has two guards to spit on him, is lucky if he gets a meal and probably doesn't even sleep in a bed.

At Kenneth Bae's, the man who doesn't get a meal, expense, Chris Cuomo does his hit pieces so he can afford to eat steak.  Sadly, CNN condones it... hell, CNN encourages it.

If Kenneth Bae dies in the work camp where he has been transferred, CNN and Chris Cuomo share the blame for his death.  CNN and Chris Cuomo put a hit piece on Dennis Rodman ahead of Kenneth Bae's well being.  Now Bae will likely die in a work camp in North Korea.

Dennis Rodman is an idiot.  I knew him when he played basketball in college, in Durant, Oklahoma.  Dennis probably can't even spell 'diplomat", and by his own admission, he is not one.  He's a retired NBA basketball player trying to revive his fifteen minutes of fame by taking other retired NBA basketball players to North Korea to play basketball.

Chris Cuomo is a user talk show co-host on CNN's New Day.  He searches for his daily fifteen minutes of fame doing hit pieces.  Why he thought a hit piece on Dennis Rodman's trip would come out well, only he knows.  Why Chris thought it was appropriate to mix basketball and diplomatic efforts to free Kenneth Bae is anyone's guess.  It definitely got Chris his daily fifteen minutes of fame, but Kenneth Bae will most likely pay for it with his life.

Kim Jung Un is the dictator of North Korea.  He is not a good person and does not want to be a good person.  In fact he delights in being known as a "bad boy".  The man had his own uncle executed for speaking out against him.  Kenneth Bae is in prison in North Korea for speaking out against the dictator.  Why the hell would Dennis Rodman, or any of the other basketball players who accompanied him to North Korea, speak out against Un while they were sitting in North Korea.

What did Chris Cuomo expect a group of basketball players to say about Un while they were sitting in his country?  I have watched numerous newscasters in foreign countries preference their reports by saying, "I have to be careful what I say and how I say it." If Chris wants to go to North Korea and get in the face of Un about Kenneth Bae, I will pay for his flight over.  Chris will not need a flight home; he will be sleeping on the hard floor next to Bae for the rest of his life.

If Chris Cuomo had not done his hit piece on Dennis Rodman, less people would have known Dennis was in North Korea with his group of former NBA players.  Thanks to Chris Cuomo we do know that Dennis was there.  Knowing that has not changed my life, by the way.  Thanks to Chris Cuomo's putting Kenneth Bae front and center, Mr. Bae has now been transferred to a work camp where, given his health issues, he will likely die before any real diplomatic efforts have a chance to save him.

The hit piece on New Day was bad, but Cuomo could not let it go with one bad interview that put Kenneth Bae's life in jeopardy.  Chris doubled down, doing a second interview with Rodman while Rodman was in "rehab".  While he was in rehab?  That is the worst time to interview anyone and Chris knows it.  Not only did Chris double down on the interview, he doubled down on the jeopardy to Kenneth Bae's life, continuing to talk about an issue that neither he, or Rodman was equipped to discuss.

"Dennis Rodman asked for the second interview," stated Chris Cuomo.  

Hey Chris, just say no.

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