Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dunn Jury - 25% voted to acquit of murder, Sonny Hostin still 100% wrong

Juror number four from the Michael Dunn murder trial spoke out about the verdict.  She says the final vote on murder was nine to convict and three to acquit.  Now we know.  Twenty-five percent of the jury voted to acquit Michael Dunn of murder.  The most interesting comment from the juror; race was never discussed in the jury room.  It was not argued as a race crime in the courtroom and the jury did its job by keeping race out of the deliberations. 

Sunny Hostin, your broad brush racist condemnation of the jury was wrong.  Even if the entire jury had acquitted him, calling any of them racist was wrong.  If anyone on the jury was racist, why did they convict him of three counts of attempted murder and firing into the vehicle?  Why would a racist jury not set him free.

The verdict from the jury that you called racist will send Michael Dunn to prison for seventy-five years.  Your complaint is that a racist jury did not give Jordan Davis justice?  You want Dunn retried with a "non-racist" jury.  You want to be sure the next jury gives a forty-nine year old man life in prison for murder.  Never mind that he will be sentenced to a minimum of seventy-five years for the convictions the "racist" jury handed down.

Regardless of why he is there, Michael Dunn will be in prison for the rest of his life.  So, why spend the money to try him again and possibly get a life sentence for murder?  What then?  You cannot make Michael Dunn die twice in prison.  With the convictions handed down, he is never going home again.

What will you say if the next jury acquits Michael Dunn of murder?  Will it be another "racist" jury, in your mind.  Perhaps it will be twelve people who just see the evidence differently than you see it.  The only thing we know for sure; if he is tried again, we don't want you on the jury.  You will convict him without listening to the evidence.  

You will convict him because a white man killed a young black man.  I concede the argument, if Dunn shot Jordan Davis simply because Davis was black, that would be a reason to convict and it would be a hate crime.  However, that was not the charge against Michael Dunn. So, convicting him as you would have him convicted is a racist conviction, which is racism on your part.  The verdicts against Michael Dunn should have been rendered without respect to color of skin, and I believe they were.

We don't know how the vote will come out if the prosecution tries him again.  There may be a conviction, but it will not add one day to the amount of time Michael Dunn spends in prison.  He is going to die in prison regardless of any verdict in a retrial.

Here is the one thing that is certain.  You owe an apology to the Michael Dunn jury for your rant against them.  Even if they had acquitted Michael Dunn of every charge, you are a former federal prosecutor, you should respect the jury system and encourage others to do the same. You say we have to talk about race?  Ranting against the jury in the Michael Dunn case is not going to help race relations.

You have been critical of the prosecutors for their handling of the case.  Maybe you should strap on your prosecutor boots again and show everyone how it should be done.  I have a feeling you made a few mistakes when you were a prosecutor.  I am curious, what was your won/loss record in the courtroom?  Perhaps your were the best prosecutor who ever walked into a courtroom.  Maybe I should hang on your every word of analysis because you were perfect in the courtroom?  In my opinion, I should take your analysis and weigh it with others who see things a bit differently.

Michael Dunn was convicted of charges that will put him in prison for life.  Just because he was not convicted of the top charge, you want to make his trial a racial issue.  It is NOT a racial issue, it IS a Sunny Hostin issue.

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