Saturday, August 17, 2013

John Layfield and Fox News

My issue with WWE is that many of the characters on WWE hold themselves up to be body builders, when they are in fact nothing more than body enhancers, who us performance enhancing drugs to bulk up.  Many of these men and women insist that they are role models for children.

John Layfield, who once performed in the ring as JBL is now a commentator on Fox News.  He offers financial advice and analysis on Sunday mornings.  John also mentors children in Bermuda.  How do I know this?.  He talks frequently about his mentoring on Fox News.

It is hypocritical of Layfield to tout his mentoring of children on the Fox News program, while also earning a paycheck from an industry that is rampant with men and women who use performance enhancing drugs.  The kids who see John Layfield and other WWE performers want to be as big and strong as the performers they see as role models.

Many of these kids will turn to performance enhancing drugs.  Why?  Because their role models use performance enhancing drugs.  Use of performance enhancing drugs may cost the kids college scholarships and professional careers in legitimate sports.  Even worse, use of performance enhancing drugs may cost them their lives, just like the use of these drugs have cost WWE performers their lives.

Fox News, to its credit, does take a stand against the use of performance enhancing drugs.  However, the network should also drop John Layfield as a commentator unless he drops WWE.  Fox News is hypocritical environment by when the network allows John Layfield to tout himself, on Sunday mornings, as a role model for the children he mentors, then appear ringside the following night on WWE and promote fake wrestling performers who bulk up by using performance enhancing drugs.

Fox News should be fair and balanced, giving both sides of the argument with respect to performance enhancing drugs, but the network should not pay a commentator to hypocritically sit on one of its programs and hold himself up as a role model for children, then go out the next day and support an industry that encourages the use of performance enhancing drugs.

I expressed my feelings that the WWE is fake, on Twitter.  I did so in response to a tweet by John Layfield and he blocked me.  He cut and ran from the discussion.  He knows I am right and has no answer for the truth.  He will not bite the hand that feeds him, the WWE, and does not like those who point out his hypocrisy.  He wants us to listen to him, but does not allow anyone to disagree with him.

Let's see if Fox News will stand up and be counted with respect to supporting a man who, on one hand, uses the network to enhance his image, while on the other hand, works in and industry that corrupts the lives of children.  Call on Fox News to do the right thing and drop John Layfield from its program as a paid commentator. Let him go on the air and defend his position if he wishes, but do not pay him to do it.

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