Friday, August 16, 2013

Let's Set The Record Straight About My WWE Tweets

I recently tweeted to John Layfield that it is hard to take him seriously on a FoxNews program because he is also a ringside announcer on WWE and appears to represent that fake wrestling is legitimate.  There is no issue with him appearing on both programs, but you have to admit a former WWE star who is now a ringside announcer is hard to take seriously on a legitimate FoxNews program.

Layfield tweeted that he was proud of Fred Rosser, known as Darren Young in the ring, for coming out as the first openly gay "professional" wrestler.  I agree with Layfield with respect to Rosser.  Whether, or not you are gay, or homophobic you have to admit, Rosser's admission was courageous.  Besides, I like anyone who likes Cocoa Pebbles and Rosser likes Cocoa Pebbles.

My tweet dealt with Layfield being taken seriously as a FoxNews analyst while also being a WWE ring announcer.  Layfield quickly tweeted back to me that wrestling is scripted, then referred to me as a kid (I am 63) and blocked me on Twitter.  I truly believe he blocked me to make his response to my tweet go away before fans of WWE could see him admit WWE is fake.  How will I ever survive?

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit when flipping through the channels I sometimes watch fake wrestling events.  I find them entertaining.  There is no question that the men and women who act on the WWE programs are great stunt people, although most of them are terrible actors.  In my opinion John Layfield was a good stuntman when he was in the ring, and he was entertaining. 

Why is it important to WWE actors that we believe WWE events are real?  About three years ago I was at an event where Randy Orton , WWE performer, was a guest.  The subject of wrestling came up.  I made the comment that I believe it is entertaining, even though it is fake.  Randy quickly challenged me to get into the ring with him to prove professional wrestling is fake.  I was born at night, but not last night.  There is no question in my mind that Randy Orton could have taken apart a 60 year old, out of shape man (me).  Needless to say, I declined, so I am still here to write this blog.

As I mentioned, I find WWE events entertaining, but I do have an issue with WWE.  Many of the people who wrestle appear to be on steroids (some admit they are), which sets a bad example for young people who see wrestlers as role models.  Let's be totally honest; many of the stunt people on WWE hold themselves up as role models for young people, at least while they are playing the part of the "good guys".

I do not know John Layfield's position on steroid use, but would like to believe he is against the use of steroids.  He has a great platform to speak out against steroids in his work with young kids in Bermuda.  Do we really need steroids in a scripted, fake wrestling event where the outcome is predetermined?

If you are one who needs proof that professional wrestling is anything more than scripted entertainment, walk into any legal betting establishment in Vegas and try to place a bet on a WWE event.  You cannot do it because Vegas cannot legally accept bets on events that have a predetermined outcome.

Make no mistake about it; those who perform in the WWE know the outcome of every match before they enter the ring.  In the weeks leading up to pay per view events, the "stars" who stand in the ring and claim they will demolish their opponents on the pay per view event know who is scripted to win the event at the time they making their claims that they will win the event.

The ringside announcers, including John Layfield, most likely know the predetermined outcomes of events too. None of the ringside announcers are doing anything wrong.  It is just hard for me to view John Layfield as a credible FoxNews commentator after listening to him as a ring announcer for WWE.

The fact that Layfield took exception to my comment on Twitter indicates to me that I am not the only one who has offered the same opinion.  He was far too defensive about it.  The man could not have responded then run away any faster.  He could not block me fast enough.  Blocking me took away his admission that WWE is scripted.  He retracted his admission as quick as he made it.

Questions of credibility of those in WWE seem to be the norm.  For example, Linda McMahon, wife of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has run for political office twice, and lost twice.  Why?  If you believe many who voted against her, it is because she wanted to be seen as a credible politician, but refused to stand up and say professional wrestling is fake.

She came close to an admission once when she said WWE is entertainment, but stopped short of admitting it is totally scripted.  A professional football game is also entertainment, but the outcome of the game is not predetermined.  Linda just could not bring herself to admit the truth and I believe that cost her enough votes to lose two elections.

Why should voters believe Linda McMahon will represent them honestly in politics when she is not honest enough to admit that her husband's business is nothing more than fake wrestling?  His business is not illegal, but denying it is fake wrestling no doubt cost Linda two elections.  It is a credibility issue.

Linda and I both paid a price for our stands with respect to WWE.  Linda lost two elections because she could not admit the truth.  She clearly paid a larger price than I paid.  I was only blocked on Twitter by one of her husbands properties, John Layfield.  He called me a kid, then went running for the hills via the "block" button.  I will try to go on.

I think I'll just have a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles cereal in honor of Fred Rosser's courage, wish John Layfield the very best and tweet on.  Someone has to be the adult here.

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