Thursday, August 1, 2013

Term Limits Is Not The Answer - May Do More Damage Than Good

Many are calling for term limits in congress, but that could cause more damage than good.  A member of congress in a final term has no incentive to keep the promises made to his/her constituents.  There will be more incentive for members of congress, in their final terms, to line there pockets from the lobbyists and push agendas that do not benefit the people who elected them.

The voters of each state should decide on the limit of terms for each member of congress at the ballot box.  Setting term limits leaves the member of congress with no accountability to constituents in his/her final term.  Term limits will definitely do more damage than good.

As it is, we have enough issues with congressional members making campaign promises, being elected, then breaking those campaign promises.  These people can be, and in many cases are, voted out of office on our next trip to the polls, but that is after the damage is done by those members of congress.  We must have a way to check and balance congress with each and every bill it passes.

I strongly believe we need a congress.  We need qualified people who will pass legislation that is good for Americans, and who is better to decide what is good for Americans than a majority vote on enactment of legislation passed by congress?  This can be done if American voters have the right to vote on enactment of legislation.  If congressional legislation passes a majority vote of the people, it becomes an enacted law.  If congressional legislation does not pass a majority vote of the people, it goes back to congress, where it can be amended, or dropped. 

This will work and it is possible if we amend the constitution.  Constitutional Amendments have changed the face of America.  Without a Constitutional Amendment women would not now be allowed to vote.  Critics who argue that a Constitutional Amendment giving Americans the online vote for, or against, enactment of legislation will never be ratified.  I remind those critics that term limits will also require a Constitutional Amendment that will have to be ratified.  Either way, we have to fight for a Constitutional Amendment.

Ask yourself this question; what would be fate of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) if Americans voted on it before enactment?  If you believe the polls 53% of American voters would vote against enacting it.  Who really knows.  The polls may be wrong.  A majority of voters may  vote to enact it, as written and passed by congress.

Personally, I would not vote to enact any legislation that adds to the national debt.  I would vote to enact only legislation that is designed to reduce the national debt, and eventually pay it off.  If America had a surplus that would cover implementation of a healthcare act, I would vote to enact such a bill in a heartbeat.  America needs a healthcare act, but it needs one that can be paid for from surpluses.

Online Majority will continue to work for a Constitutional Amendment that will give American voters the final word on enactment of legislation passed by congress.  Such an Amendment will leave terms of members of congress up to the voters who send those members to congress and it will render lobbyists irrelevant.

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